Oxford promote dance, music and culture to enhance their skill and fulfill their hobby.

Cultural Club

Cultural clubs play a crucial role in schools, fostering a sense of community, promoting understanding, and enhancing personal growth. Here are some reasons why cultural clubs are needed in schools:

Welcoming Environment: Cultural clubs provide a welcoming and inclusive space for students from diverse backgrounds. They allow students to connect with others who share similar cultural experiences, creating a supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable and accepted1.
Identity Exploration: College is a time when students explore their identities. Cultural clubs offer a platform for students to learn more about their heritage, traditions, and customs. By participating in these clubs, students gain a deeper understanding of their own culture and appreciate the diversity around them.
Friendship and Networking: Cultural clubs facilitate friendships and connections. Students can make new friends who share their interests and cultural backgrounds. These connections often extend beyond college, providing a valuable network for future endeavors.
Celebrating Creativity: Arts and culture clubs celebrate creativity and self-expression. Students can showcase their talents in areas like painting, dancing, singing, or acting. With specialized instructors’ guidance, they nurture their artistic abilities and gain confidence in their creative endeavors.
Promoting Inclusivity: Cultural clubs don’t exclude others based on ethnicity or background. They encourage inclusivity by welcoming everyone who wants to learn and appreciate different cultures. In doing so, they contribute to a harmonious school environment.
In summary, cultural clubs enrich the school experience by providing opportunities for personal growth, friendship, and cultural exploration. They create a vibrant and diverse campus community where students can thrive and learn from one another