“Preeti Rai: Inspiring Future Champions at Oxford!” 🌟 Preeti Rai, the rising football sensation from Solukhumbu, Nepal, has been making waves both nationally and internationally. Her journey began at the tender age of six, fueled by her passion for the sport and unwavering family support for physical fitness1. Now, as a key player in Nepal’s national women’s football team, she’s inspiring the next generation of athletes. At Oxford School/College, Preeti shared her remarkable experiences, emphasizing the importance of determination, hard work, and resilience. Her exceptional foot control and dribbling skills, often compared to Lionel Messi’s, serve as a testament to her dedication and talent. Despite setbacks, including injuries during the Indian Women’s League, Preeti remains undeterred, declaring, “This is a small setback. I will come back stronger.” As she stands before eager students, Preeti embodies the spirit of perseverance. Her journey from local competitions like the Coca-Cola Inter Football Competition to winning the National Women’s League with APF has been nothing short of inspiring. And now, with her recent goal against Lebanon in the WAFF Championship, she’s cementing her status as a world-class player1. So, when Preeti Rai speaks, young hearts listen. Her message echoes through the halls of Oxford: “Dream big, work harder, and never give up.”

Sports Club

Sports clubs in schools offer numerous benefits for students. Let’s explore why they are important:

Wellbeing and Mental Health: Greater sports participation in school is associated with higher levels of wellbeing. Engaging in sports helps students manage stress, stay physically active, and maintain a positive mindset. It also contributes to their overall mental toughness and self-belief, which are essential life skills.
Skill Development: Sports clubs enable children to develop skills that extend beyond the playing field. These skills include leadership, problem-solving, responsibility, and a sense of initiative. Students learn how to work as a team, set goals, and overcome challenges.
Social Connections: Being part of a sports club allows students to form long-lasting connections with peers who share similar interests. They develop a sense of belonging to a larger community, fostering social bonds and friendships.
Physical Fitness: Regular participation in sports helps students maintain physical fitness. It encourages an active lifestyle, reduces sedentary behavior, and promotes overall health. Students learn the importance of exercise and its impact on their well-being.
Life Satisfaction: Engaging in sports contributes to overall life satisfaction and happiness. It provides a sense of accomplishment, boosts self-esteem, and enhances the quality of life for students.
In summary, sports clubs play a crucial role in promoting physical health, mental well-being, and personal growth among students. They create a positive environment where young athletes can thrive both academically and personally.